Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last year, my company hosted a film festival to promote ethics and encourage employees to get excited(!) about ethical issues. Our company is an aerospace/defense industry manufacturer with many locations across the country, and no one from Lincoln had ever submitted a film before so a co-worker and I decided to enter. I have a good friend with directorial and aesthetic talent (as well as an HD camera), so once we had an idea and a location we were ready to go.

Our film was selected to be a finalist and we, along with all the other finalists, received a complimentary weekend trip with our spouses to our company headquarters in Charlotte. Anyway, much fun was had and our film was selected to be the winner. Here it is:

This year, its time to defend our trophy. We're getting together to talk ideas and strategies for this years short film sometime in the next week. Any good ethics related ideas? It's all about having a good story.

P.S. The character from last years film can be seen in some great short countdowns produced by the same friend and for sale on his website. Lots of great media available there for use in church services or elsewhere.

Check it out. Nothing ever goes right for me him.
Thanksgiving, my personal favorite
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day

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