Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 10 Albums of 2008; Part One

Shortly after I started this blog last year, I posted about the aggregate Top Ten list that a group of friends puts together. This has been going on for several years now and is a source of great fun that also serves as an introduction to unheard music. For those who don't like to click links, the basic idea is that a bunch of people submit their ten favorite albums and then those individual lists are combined into an overall top fifteen.

Last year we had three promotional videos to entice people into submitting their lists and this year we had one.

Since I am not so good with words like some of my other friends (you know who you are), I will present my list with only a youtube clip of one of my favorites from each album. In my opinion, this wasn't a year with many standout albums, but lots of solid ones. The list below is pretty varied, so if one band/song doesn't strike your fancy, click on and maybe something else will.

Also please note that I didn't pick any of these bands for their ability to make good videos (or videos at all).

10 Why? Alopecia

9 She & Him Volume One

8 The Walkmen You & Me

7 Department of Eagles In Ear Park

6 Plants and Animals Parc Avenue

Check back tomorrow for the top five.


aaron wk said...

gosh that why? song is so good. i don't know why(?) i never got that album, but it was in my head a lot last year. and that she&him video was awesomE!

millhouse said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of both.

aaron wk said...

clearly. they're in your top 10. : P