Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 10 Albums of 2008; Part Two

10 Why? Alopecia
9 She & Him Volume One
8 The Walkmen You & Me
7 Department of Eagles In Ear Park
6 Plants and Animals Parc Avenue

Without further adieu...

5 The Dodos Visiter

4 TV on the Radio Dear Science

3 Beach House Devotion

2 Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes

1 Deerhunter Microcastles

These lists are always an effort in futility, just because it is impossible to hear everything. Since I submitted my list, I've heard several albums that I'm pretty sure would have made my Top Ten. I feel really good about my Top Four this year, but the rest of the list was pretty difficult to put together.

The aggregate list should be out soon. I know I'm excited...

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