Saturday, June 6, 2009

Branched Oak Loop

On Friday evening, I headed out for what I had planned as an extended gravel loop. Based on so many race reports from Dirty Kanza and others, I was convinced that the cross bike was the best tool for the job. I quickly realized that I either need to have different tires or a lot more confidence because I was rather skittish any time the gravel got deep or when I had any speed heading down hills.

When I came to Highway 79 and its nice wide shoulder, I changed plans and decided to head up toward Raymond. The touring tires on the cross bike liked this surface much better. Once I reached Raymond Road, I thought I would ride over to the lake. Upon reaching the lake, I took a lap around. As I rode across the dam it became obvious I was losing the light so I headed home as quick as possible since I was without lights. 36 miles...2 hours 25 minutes...a great post-work relaxer.

Looking into the valley from near my house.
It's rare to meet a friendly dog on your bike...
Rolling countryside north of the lake.
Sunset over Branched Oak

Here's a map of the route.


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