Thursday, June 4, 2009

Road Bikes and Cross Bikes

Saturday was supposed to be a race day for me, but when I woke up, I just wasn't feeling the long drive. Most of the guys I hang out with at the races were also out for one reason for another, including Harp and Ryan, who were supporting the criterium race in downtown Lincoln. Jason was one of the few to man up and head out to Lewis and Clark.

Instead, Laura and I ran some errands, including picking up a new point and shoot camera that would be small and light enough to easily carry on bike rides. Eager to try out the new camera, a couple friends and I headed downtown to check out the the Capital City Criterium and say hi to the guys that had to be at the race. Pretty cool scene and what a beautiful day! Here's a short video I shot during the second lap of the Pro/1/2/3 race using the new camera.

After hanging out at the race for awhile, Mitchell and I took off to explore Wilderness Park. Mitchell rides a Surly Crosscheck and had never ridden offroad with it, so we planned to take it pretty slowly, but I was really impressed with his skills. Nice job man! I was riding a cyclocross bike too, a Lemond Poprad, that Robb let me borrow. I was surprised by the way the cross bikes handled on the trails, even with roadish tires on the Lemond...

Near the end of our trip through the park, I got the bright idea to take out the camera and shoot some video. I've seen enough examples (including the master) where it is made to seem so easy to shoot video on almost any terrain, so I thought I could handle it. Lets count the factors that led to the video that follows: first real ride on a borrowed bike, first offroad ride on a cyclocross bike, and first time attempting to shoot video while riding...sounds like a recipe for awesome.

Bike, camera and idiot all escaped without injury. I'll get this ride documentation thing down with a little practice and hopefully my blog posts about riding will be little more interesting.


Harp said...

That's an awesome video. I've come real close to going down the few times I've tried recording while riding.

Oscar said...

Now that's good stuff!

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