Sunday, March 30, 2008

Christmas in March

Flew back from Los Angeles on Friday and had a laid-back, relaxing weekend. On Saturday I was able to make a trip through Wilderness Park, my first real dirt of the year. It was great, all my worries and concerns about the El Mariachi were gone once I finally got it out in its element. I felt fast, the big meat up front (run at 28 psi or so) kept my hands and wrists feeling great, and the new rear tire felt noticeably more eager to accelerate. Assuming the race this Saturday doesn't get rained out, I am confident that the only thing that will keep me from being successful is my lack of preparation. I didn't want to bring my pack on the ride, so I only got a post-ride picture.

Also exciting was a visit from the T6 fairy. Thanks to Brent and Ryan for the awesome gear. The jersey and t shirt are both super soft and fit perfectly, and of course the graphics are superb. The other schwag is super cool too. I look forward to proudly wearing the label this season as part of Team Twin Six.

For those of you interested in pictures and narrative about my trip to California, I will be posting about that in the coming days. Wait...who am I kidding, not too many people are likely to be interested. Thats cool, I primarily write about food and travel for myself, so I don't forget the meals and experiences that make these work related trips palatable (pun intended).


Harp said...

Man, you didn't tell me you were on the team. That's awesome. Nice gear I almost got the argyle.

crewcabrob said...

The bike is super hot, Justin. I'm glad you made it out to Wilderness on Saturday. I'm hopeful for the first race, but things aren't looking that great right now.

millhouse said...

Yeah, I went for it shortly after you posted about it. I really like the T6 mentality. They are the type of brand thats easy to support. What jersey did you get?

Thanks for the kind words. I am hoping that if the race is rained out, it is rescheduled a different week and not on Sunday. I play the drums in my church praise band and wouldn't be able to get up to Norfolk in time for the start.

Harp said...

I got the deluxe 07. I dig the simple design.

millhouse said...

I really like that one too, but my wife liked the argyle so I went that direction.