Thursday, April 17, 2008

Busy, Busy

Wow, this past week has just flown by. Work is really busy, we are submitting a proposal this week which is always hectic. Last Sunday I was able to get out for about 20 miles in the wind and hills east of Lincoln. When I got home I noticed that I had a flat tire and a loose bottom bracket and crankarm. Not exactly the ideal finish to a ride. On Tuesday, I took the El Mar in for its first tuneup and Nate and Eric made everything better. If only the rain would stop, I could get out and ride some trails; otherwise it will be another weekend of gravel for me.

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crewcabrob said...

Sunday looks like a bust on the ride at Swanson with Team Gibson. We have set up "plan B" for Wednesday evening. Not sure of the time yet; so more to come. I'm a bit sceptical that it will dry out for Wednesday as it looks like there is more rain for Monday.

Have fun at the spring game!