Saturday, April 19, 2008

Crazy Week, Beautiful Saturday

Man, I am sure glad this week is over. The proposal we have been working on is finally coming together, so no more late nights at work. Got some good news to share; I found out on Friday that I was promoted to a Senior Design Engineer position. Best kind of promotion too, no new responsibilities.

Today was a great day. Laura and I rode our bikes to campus and enjoyed the spring game with some friends. We rode home and I headed into work to review a section of the proposal. Back home and out for a gravelly 1.5 hour ride. I felt really great on the hills and the El Mar was perfection. Gotta love a freshly tuned bike.

Tomorrow afternoon I hope to get at least 2 hours in on the bike. I'm doubtful that Wilderness is going to be anywhere near rideable for a few more days so I will probably head out east of town again. Anyone want to come? I'd also be open to suggestions.


Redbone said...

Congrats on the promotion, looks like your getting some good training in this month. I wish I was.
What did you think of the game? I had my daughter with me so I didn't get to follow the game to close.

RJ said...

Congrats on the promo, J.
Good riding yesterday, eh? I got in 2.5 hours on the road bike.
Heading to Athens, GA this week. Let's ride next week; maybe some laps at B.O. Just don't let it rain while I'm gone.


Harp said...

Congrats on the promotion.

millhouse said...

Thanks guys.
We didn't pay that close of attention either. I'd never been to a spring game before. It was kind off boring.